How to Increase Brain Growth

Love and stimulation of early brain formation are stock was a bright child. Complete with quality sleep patterns since the baby so your baby's brain grow optimally.

The newborn, with all its limitations is only able to communicate what they want and feeling by crying. To be able to understand the meaning of the crying baby, a mother should be "close" with her baby. Is not limited to the proximity of physical contact, but also true love which binds mother-infant in a strong emotional bond.

"My baby was only five months, often awakened from sleep at midnight, and cried loudly. Why did not you?" complained Nur, a young mother who also works in an office.

Responding to these problems, dr pediatrician Soedjatmiko SpA (K) Msi revealed, chances are that the baby was missing with her mother every day to leave for work. "We sleep, especially REM phases (Rapid Eye Movement) or active sleep, there was consolidation or readjustment experiences of the baby during the day. Once one of sadness and joy that is felt the baby would be reflected in this phase," said Soedjatmiko in the "Pampers Sleep Symposium "held in Hottel Gran Melia Jakarta, recently.

On the other hand, babies who sleep anxiety or frequent waking at night should also be checked for the possibility he was bothered by mosquitoes, bladder or skin disorders such as prickly heat, itching, and irritation from clothing or the diaper uncomfortable. This is important because it could result in the baby feel uncomfortable, not free to move, disrupted sleep cycles, and do not receive optimal stimulation provided. If you already like that, baby growing risk of developing disturbed.

Please note that the child's development not only when he moved, but also during sleep. Sleep quality for infants and children is the moment of brain and body growth. After a day-stimulated with his mother and nutrient intake in the evening, the baby began to digest and grow. "Approximately 175 percent of the baby's brain development occurs in the first 36 months of age.

At optimal stimulation is needed and balanced nutrition, "said a member of UKK Growth, Social Pediatrics Ikatan Dokter Anak Indonesia (IDAI) it. Yes, sleep quality and stimulation. In addition to nutritional factors, those are the two important factors for infant growth.

At bedtime, the growth of brain cells is faster especially influential in the restoration of emotional and cognitive. Sleep includes two phases, namely non-REM and REM in turn. When REM or active sleep, blood flow to the brain and increases brain function occurs so autostimulasi growth of brain cells more quickly. In this phase also occurs rearrangement or consolidation of experiences that will support the emotional and cognitive development of children. While the non-REM or tidurtenang, there energy conservation and repair of body cells and hormones necessary expenses for physical growth. The older age of the child, quiet phase of sleep longer. "In addition to sleep that night, the baby until the age of three years still need a nap. From the age of 3-4 years, children have not had to take a nap," he explained.

Not a bit of inconvenience for the parents also took her to the fruit quickly fell asleep. If this happens, parents are expected to self-correct, if this is because the parent's own habits so that children used to imitate or participate? Therefore, try to discipline yourself and your child. For example in terms of preparation at bedtime, redupkanlah the lights in the house (especially in the room) and turn off the television or anything noisy. Next, take the baby into the bedroom and lay on the bed (can he be held) in order to quickly asleep.

"To prevent the baby woke up and whine like to play until the morning, you should avoid a lot of toys in a child's room. Simply provide just one toy in the room, maybe a little, soft, and must ensure safe," he suggested.

Dona Agnesia presenter who has two sons, Diego (2 years old) and Lionel (6 months), said no problems with sleep patterns that the two little champ.

"Diego if awakened from sleep, usually due to feeding," said Dona is curious when his son talking in sleep.

"Delirious no problem, but not until the kids to bed, walking (Sleepwalker). To steady, parents can soothe with gentle patting the baby's bottom to create a sense of security and comfort," said Soedjatmiko.

Exact Age stimulation

Affection and stimulation needs to be done since the six-month-old fetus in the womb. While in the womb, usually the mother gives stimulation with classical music playing. However, Soedjatmiko said, if she likes other kinds of music, is also not a problem. "What type of music was allowed, which importance the pregnant mother happy," he said.

After the baby is born, stimulation still must continue. How to play an active every day, loving, and performed with joy. In addition, investment should be repeated stimulation and varied with with giving examples. Remember that children learn from hearing, seeing, then copy and try it. If he had done, grant awards can motivate again.

Forms of stimulation may differ in each stage of age. At the age of 0-3 months, create a sense of comfortable, safe, happy with the hugging, kissing, or rocking. Carefully, roll the baby from side to side, or stomach-backs (if necessary learn gymnastic movements baby). Additionally, smile, gazing at the baby's eyes and to talk with him. Copy the chatter, look on the baby, or a variety of sounds, voices, and music. Rangsanglah brain by hanging colorful toys and sounds that lure the baby to lift his head, or reaching, grabbing, and holding a toy.

Going 3-6 months of age, continues to provoke stimulation of the child seeking the source of the sound, playing "boo" and see the face in the mirror. Seeing, reaching, and kicking game is also good to train motor. Encourage children also observe small objects or objects move. Practice he took a small object and hold it with both hands. At this age, babies usually start to learn to sit and eat alone. 

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