Samsung Solve IT Center in Aceh, Indonesia

BANDA ACEH - Samsung officially opened the IT Learning Center in Banda Aceh. Development Working since 2005 and was part of the rehabilitation program in Aceh pascasunami.

This inauguration marks the completion of the distribution of assistance for Samsung prasana development of education in Aceh $ 1 million that were distributed since 2004.

"Since 2005, Samsung has made development in Aceh. Recovery is important for the generation of education in Indonesia," said President Director of PT Nokia Indonesia Electonics Sung Chul Yoo, at the opening of IT Learning Center, in Banda Aceh on Wednesday (25/11/2009).

In addition, to complement the IT Learning Center, South Korean vendors are also adding the device with a total value of USD200 thousand in the form of electronic equipment such as, LCD TV, computers, air conditioners and so forth.

"Samsung IT Learning Center was built on the former Garuda Theater, a historical building formerly disintegrated because of the Tsunami. Computer training center was built with a total cost of up to 3.7 billion dollars," added the Chairman of Yayasan Mitra Mandiri Jhon F Karamoy.

Comes with 3-storey building, the building become the center not only IT but also educational and cultural center for the people of Aceh. Moreover learning IT will be managed professionally by local administration of Aceh.

"We will professionally manage that money could be to take care of the building. Samsung is also expected to continue mendamping," added the Mayor of Banda Aceh Mawardi Nurdin.

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